Full Text Search

The LegiScan search engine not only indexes the entire text of each of the approximately 175,000 bills introduced annually, but also maintains relative document structure ordering to allow for more advanced proximity based searches. And if searching for a specific bill number, be sure to read about bill numbers caveats.

Example Executable Searches

Text Search Tips

  • By default simple word search without modifiers will return matches for all of the terms with relative statistical weighting (default: AND)

  • Search terms should be lower case, capitalization can be used to enforce match proper names

  • Proximity Operators:

    • ADJ expression ADJ expression matches if the expressions appear in the same order and close proximity to one another
  • Logic Operators:

    • AND expression AND expression matches documents which are matched by both of the subexpressions
    • OR expression OR expression matches documents which are matched by either of the subexpressions
    • NOT expression NOT expression matches documents which are matched by only the first subexpression
    • + / - A group of terms with some marked with + and - will match documents containing all of the + terms, but none of the - terms
  • Grouping:

    • Quotes: A phrase surrounded with double quotes ("") matches documents containing that exact phrase and disabled natural language processing
    • Parentheses: Control the precedence of boolean logic operators. Ex: (one OR two) AND three
  • Meta prefixes:

    • status: matches documents with specific progress status. Ex: status:passed
    • chamber: matches documents that originated from the specified chamber. Ex: chamber:S
    • type: matches documents that are of the specified bill type. Ex: type:B

Prefix Value Notes

  • The status: prefix accepts the following values: introduced, engrossed, enrolled, passed, failed, vetoed
  • The chamber: prefix accepts the following values: S, H, A (Senate, House, Assembly)
  • The type: prefix accepts the following values: B, R, CR, JR, CA (Bill, Resolution, Concurrent Resolution, Joint Resolution, Constitutional Amendment)