West Virginia Legislature | 2020 | Regular Session | Adjourned Sine Die

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Active West Virginia Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

HB4159Relating to the manufacture and sale of hard cider2020-03-25
Vetoed by Governor 3/25/20
HB4395Removing the requirement that a veterinarian access and report to the controlled substance monitoring database2020-03-25
Vetoed by Governor 3/25/20
HB4573Relating to Medicaid subrogation liens of the Department of Health and Human Resources2020-03-25
Vetoed by Governor 3/25/20
HB4083Requiring the West Virginia Parkways Authority to accept the use of credit and debit cards for paying tolls2020-03-07
To conference
HB4645Establishing the Office of Regulatory and Fiscal Affairs under the Joint Committee on Government and Finance2020-03-07
Senate requests House to concur
HB4970Relating to military service as a factor in certain insurance coverage rates2020-03-07
On 3rd reading, House Calendar
HB4021Budget Bill, making appropriations of public money out of the treasury in accordance with section fifty-one, article six of the Constitution2020-03-07
On 2nd reading, House Calendar
SB752Relating generally to medical cannabis2020-03-07
Placed on House Calendar
HB4613Allowing the Division of Highways use money in the Gas Field Highway Repair and Horizontal Drilling Waste Study Fund2020-03-07
On 2nd reading, House Calendar
SB253Providing for fair pay and maximized employment of disabled persons2020-03-07
On 3rd reading, Special Calendar

Top West Virginia Sponsors

House Sponsors# BillsRSS
Del. Geoff Foster [R]287Syndicate content
Del. Rodney Pyles [D]232Syndicate content
Del. Stephen Baldwin [D]198Syndicate content
Del. Jeffrey Pack [R]171Syndicate content
Del. Eric Porterfield [R]162Syndicate content
Senate Sponsors# BillsRSS
Sen. Sue Cline [R]302Syndicate content
Sen. Mark Maynard [R]292Syndicate content
Sen. Ron Stollings [D]265Syndicate content
Sen. Michael Romano [D]231Syndicate content
Sen. Richard Lindsay [D]214Syndicate content

Top West Virginia Committees

House Committees# BillsRSS
Judiciary419Syndicate content
Finance169Syndicate content
Education141Syndicate content
Health & Human Resources120Syndicate content
Government Organization114Syndicate content
Senate Committees# BillsRSS
Judiciary222Syndicate content
Government Organization67Syndicate content
Health and Human Resources60Syndicate content
Transportation and Infrastructure 51Syndicate content
Education45Syndicate content

Most Viewed West Virginia Bills

HB4007Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection ActBill Text
HB4168Preserving and protecting the right to keep and bear armsBill Text
SB690Relating to overland recreationBill Text
HB4615West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection ActBill Text
SB96Prohibiting municipalities from limiting persons' rights to possess certain weaponsBill Text
HB4958Relating to eliminating the ability of a person’s driver license to be suspensed for failure to pay court fines and costsBill Text
SB133Requiring new original equipment parts be used to maintain motor vehicle manufacturer's warrantyBill Text
HB4575Implementing The Agreement Among the States to Elect the President and Vice President by National Popular VoteBill Text
HB4662Providing a process by which a city may hold an election to recall an ordinanceBill Text
SB130Relating to procedure for driver's license suspension and revocation for DUIBill Text

Most Monitored West Virginia Bills

HB4168Preserving and protecting the right to keep and bear armsBill Text
HB4011Reorganizing various boards and authorities for the licensing and oversight of trades, occupations, and professionsBill Text
HB4106Biometric Information Privacy ActBill Text
SB248Repealing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehiclesBill Text
HB4118Creating a state-wide email address directoryBill Text
SJR9Amendment Authorizing Legislature to Eliminate or Lower Ad Valorem Tax on Motor Vehicles and Any Other Tangible Personal PropertyBill Text
SB260Collecting of personal information by retail establishments for certain purposesBill Text
SB218Creating Occupational Licensing Consumer Choice ActBill Text
SB81Terminating, expiring, or cancelling oil or natural gas leasesBill Text
SB286Prohibiting syringe exchange programsBill Text

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