US Congress Legislative Datasets

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Weekly snapshots of session data are created each Sunday morning with updated information on an as-needed basis. Provided in simple comma-separated values files for general bill data, or the most complete form packaged as LegiScan API JSON payloads.

Inquire for more details on subscription data services, including near real-time remote replication of the national database, alternative licensing terms, or snapshots of the 250GB text training corpus.

Legislative Datasets by LegiScan LLC is licensed under CC BY 4.0

StateYearSessionModifiedExportedAPI JSONCSV Basic
US Congress2019-2020116th Congress2020-11-272020-11-29JSON
40.1 MB
5.9 MB
US Congress2017-2018115th Congress2019-01-032020-08-04JSON
34.6 MB
6.4 MB
US Congress2015-2016114th Congress2017-01-032020-08-04JSON
34.4 MB
8.2 MB
US Congress2013-2014113th Congress2015-01-022020-08-04JSON
30.8 MB
7.5 MB
US Congress2011-2012112th Congress2013-01-152020-08-04JSON
33.1 MB
8.5 MB
US Congress2009-2010111th Congress2011-01-042020-08-04JSON
28.1 MB
5.4 MB