New Hampshire Legislature | 2018 | Regular Session | Prefiling

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Active New Hampshire Bills (Introduced, Engrossed, Enrolled, Passed)

SB331Prohibiting Medicaid from paying for sex reassignment drug or hormone therapy or surgery.2017-12-08
SB315Relative to the definition of beverage.2017-12-08
SB346Relative to requiring enhanced technology ignition interlock devices.2017-12-08
SB345Naming a bridge in the town of Lincoln in honor of the Clark Family.2017-12-08
SB316Relative to the regulation of online auctions.2017-12-08
SB322Relative to access to a water utility.2017-12-08
SB347Relative to seasonal highway weight limits.2017-12-08
SB318Amending the prohibitions on youth employment.2017-12-08
SB336Relative to the judicial district for the towns of Waterville and Livermore.2017-12-08
SB330Requiring the department of environmental services to give certain persons time to cure violations before imposing a penalty.2017-12-08

Most Viewed New Hampshire Bills

HB1511Relative to the death of a fetus for the purpose of certain homicide charges.Bill Text
HB1691Authorizing the utilization of a portion of the Volkswagen settlement as a funding source for zero emission vehicle infrastructure in New Hampshire.Bill Text
HB1313Relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile.Bill Text
HB1263Relative to educational evaluation of home schooled children.Bill Text
HB1661Relative to the protection of minors who petition the court to marry.Bill Text
HB1675Relative to state house Internet service and relative to calendars and journals of the house and senate.Bill Text
HB1346Establishing a committee to study the New Hampshire veterans cemetery.Bill Text
CACR14Relating to natural rights of children. Providing that children have a natural right to be protected by their parents.Bill Text
HB1532Prohibiting gender reassignment surgery for minors.Bill Text
CACR17Relating to initiative and referendum powers. Providing that initiative and referendum powers shall be reserved to the people of the state.Bill Text

Most Monitored New Hampshire Bills

HB1721Relative to coercive abortions.Bill Text
HB1680Relative to abortions after viability.Bill Text
HB1217Amending the certification requirements for school nurses.Bill Text
HB1707Relative to information regarding abortion.Bill Text
HB1565Relative to requiring the secure psychiatric unit to be accredited as a psychiatric hospital.Bill Text
HB1449Making hormonal contraceptives available directly from pharmacists by means of a standing order.Bill Text
HB1255Relative to the state fire code.Bill Text
HB1421Relative to regulations for event tents.Bill Text
HB1472Relative to the state building code provisions for energy conservation in new building construction.Bill Text
HB1606Relative to naturopathic health care practice.Bill Text

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